In March, Dan wrote about a move­ment called “You Can Play”, a public show of sup­port by NHL stars and other ath­letes for les­bian, gay, bisexual and trans­gender players.

George Wash­ington Uni­ver­sity is sup­porting the issue on a col­le­giate level by releasing a video for “You Can Play,” pledging accep­tance for all of their stu­dent ath­letes regard­less of sexual orientation.

The video, which fea­tures 18 cur­rent stu­dent ath­letes, puts GW in the com­pany of some high-​​profile uni­ver­si­ties who have made sim­ilar public shows of sup­port through “You Can Play,” including the Uni­ver­sity of Denver, Princeton Uni­ver­sity, UCLA, Uni­ver­sity of Con­necticut, and North­eastern University.

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