James Alan Fox is the Lipman Family Pro­fessor of Crim­i­nology, Law, and Public Policy at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity and the author of Vio­lence and Secu­rity on Campus: From Preschool Through Col­lege (Praeger, 2010).

His article in The Chron­icle of Higher Edu­ca­tion dis­cusses the myths about mass shoot­ings and was pub­lished before the decrees were issued. His research addresses the steps advo­cated by Pres­i­dent Obama and finds them inad­e­quate and unnec­es­sary. His study even finds my solu­tion of an armed cit­i­zenry insuf­fi­cient, in that these killers are ready to die and end their mis­er­able exis­tence and take as many with them as pos­sible. They choose the “gun free zones” to allow them to murder as many people as pos­sible before the police arrive and then, in most cases, kill themselves.

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