Gaming and edu­ca­tion experts gath­ered recently at the North­eastern University-​​Seattle campus to kick off an ambi­tious, long-​​term project to create just such a game.

GAMES — short for Girls Advancing in Math, Engi­neering and Sci­ence — includes par­tic­i­pants from North­eastern, the Uni­ver­sity of Washington’s Center for Game Sci­ence, the pri­vate DigiPen Insti­tute for game devel­opers, and game com­pa­nies such as Big Fish and Her Interactive.

The idea is the brain­child of Tayloe Wash­burn, dean of Northeastern-​​Seattle. He thinks a suc­cessful game could under­score the advan­tages of a career in sci­ence, tech­nology, engi­neering and maths (STEM) fields for young girls.

Why a game? Research shows that chil­dren spend about two hours a day playing elec­tronic games. “This is the medium they’re on; it’s where they are,” Wash­burn said.

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