Holding sev­eral part-​​time jobs, living with friends, making do without employer-​​provided ben­e­fits and never expecting to achieve your par­ents’ stan­dard of living: it’s all become rou­tine for today’s youngest entrants into the job market.

But in a semi-​​recessionary, post-​​union, without-​​a-​​safety-​​net era, workers twice their age are also get­ting used to the getting-​​by lifestyle. Unem­ploy­ment is high. Worse, workers over 50 are demon­strating levels of long-​​term unem­ploy­ment — and of simply drop­ping out of the job market — that have not been seen since the begin­ning of such record keeping in America in the 1940s.

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