There are a lot of things you can have deliv­ered to your home on a monthly basis: mag­a­zines, hot sauces, under­wear and beer are just a few. The second place winner at the Husky Startup Chal­lenge,, takes that basic con­cept but replaces the Fruit of the Looms with simple to per­form sci­ence exper­i­ments. Aimed at chil­dren between the ages of eight and 12, the projects inside each package teach a basic lesson in sci­ence, tech­nology, engi­neering or math through a hands-​​on expe­ri­ence. All of the mate­rials needed for each exper­i­ment are included, along with a lesson plan, instruc­tions and “fac­toid” cards with tid­bits of inter­esting trivia, such as the number of ele­ments on the peri­odic scale.

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