Gen­eral Mills faced a PR dis­aster Thursday after a report in The New York Times stated that liking any of the company’s brands on Face­book pre­vents them from suing the com­pany in court.

On Tuesday, Chee­rios parent com­pany Gen­eral Mills updated the pri­vacy policy on its web­site. The new lan­guage alerts con­sumers that they waive their right to sue the com­pany if they down­load coupons or join one of the company’s “online com­mu­ni­ties,” which legal experts took to mean social media sites. A rep for Gen­eral Mills, though, now says those com­mu­ni­ties don’t include Face­book. Those who join one of the online com­mu­ni­ties are required to use informal nego­ti­a­tion via email or go through arbi­tra­tion — rather than the courts — to seek relief if they have a dis­pute with the company.

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