Exports play an impor­tant role in the Mass­a­chu­setts economy. The more than $25 bil­lion a year in goods that local com­pa­nies sell in for­eign mar­kets each year sup­ports 70,000, or about one in four man­u­fac­turing jobs in Mass­a­chu­setts, according to Alan Clayton-​​Matthews, an eco­nomics pro­fessor at North­eastern University.

In an inter­view, Export-​​Import Bank Chairman Fred Hochberg said cre­ating jobs was the bank’s top pri­ority. Ex-Im’s financing pack­ages, he said, put Amer­ican com­pa­nies on equal footing with some 60 other coun­tries, like China, Ger­many, and Japan,which use sim­ilar agencies.

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