Charles J. “C.J.” Ness­ralla IV was a 24-​​year-​​old North­eastern grad­uate bound for med­ical school. He roomed on one side of Tremont Street — the North­eastern side — in the South End.

Manny “Alex” Peguero was a 15-​​year-​​old immi­grant growing up without his par­ents on the other side of Tremont — the more dan­gerous side — in a crowded apart­ment in the Lenox Street public housing project.

When Ness­ralla arrived at North­eastern, his ori­en­ta­tion leader stood on the uni­ver­sity side of Tremont, ges­tured toward the housing project, and warned, “Don’t ever cross the street.’’

But Ness­ralla did, and lives were changed forever.

Six years after their paths first crossed, Manny will wake up Sunday in Nessralla’s child­hood home in sub­urban Avon, an ele­gant, four-​​bedroom Colo­nial on a lushly land­scaped lot with a white picket fence and back­yard water­fall. There, a Father’s Day break­fast will be cooking, and a boy from the Dominican Republic, whose bio­log­ical par­ents long ago van­ished from his daily life, will be with the found family that has wel­comed him, enjoying a future and a daily rou­tine no longer pre­oc­cu­pied with sur­viving the city streets.

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