Over the years no one has been more candid about his 1988 pres­i­den­tial cam­paign loss to George H.W. Bush than the can­di­date him­self. Michael Dukakis has been upfront in saying “I blew it.” At one point he even had a 17-​​point lead.

It gives Dukakis a unique per­spec­tive on what he hopes to hear Thursday night in Char­lotte from Pres­i­dent Obama. And as a former Mass­a­chu­setts gov­ernor, he has a unique plat­form from which to crit­i­cize Repub­lican nom­inee Mitt Romney’s per­for­mance as gov­ernor. Dukakis has said Romney made an “absolute mess” of it.

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