THE GLOBE’S three-​​part series “Jus­tice in the shadows” (Dec. 9–11) brought much-​​needed atten­tion to the many serious prob­lems plaguing our nation’s immi­gra­tion deten­tion system. The secrecy of this system, cou­pled with the lack of legal rep­re­sen­ta­tion for detainees, has led to an almost com­plete lack of account­ability. Detainees are rou­tinely mis­treated, denied basic med­ical care, and pres­sured into giving up their claims to remain in the United States.

Although I was glad to see these issues explored, the tone of the first article (“Unwanted at home, free to strike again”) fell short of the high stan­dards that I have come to expect from the Globe. Pro­viding lurid exam­ples of immi­grants who have com­mitted hor­rific crimes is a sure­fire way to catch readers’ atten­tion. Sta­tis­tics con­sis­tently show, how­ever, that immi­grants are much less likely to commit crimes than those born in the United States.

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