James Alan Fox, a pro­fessor of crim­i­nology at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, said that while the drop in homi­cides fol­lows a ­national trend, it is impor­tant to look at the long-​​term pat­tern and the cor­rec­tions that usu­ally follow years with dips or surges.

This is more of a cor­rec­tion than attrib­ut­able to any one factor,” Fox said.

In the ‘80s, the rate of vio­lent crime dipped, but was fol­lowed by a spike in the early ‘90s with crack cocaine fueling much of the vio­lence. The rate dipped in the late ‘90s, then went up from 2000 to 2010. “The spike at the end of the ­decade is more of an aber­ra­tion than any­thing else, and now we are going back to where it used to be at the end of the pre­vious decade,” Fox said.

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