Admit it: You’ve always wanted to ride in a pri­vate plane. Imagine stretching out your legs and lis­tening to music without head­phones. What luxury! Too bad, you prob­ably can’t afford it. But, with Fly­tenow, you just might.

Think of it as a Lyft for air­planes. Fly­tenow aims to con­nect pilots looking to rack up hours with pas­sen­gers looking for an afford­able ride. Started by two North­eastern stu­dents who happen to be pilots them­selves, the new startup makes good sense. After all, there are loads of novice pilots out there who want to fly, but it’s expen­sive to rack up hours, espe­cially when you’re doing it by your­self. So why not invite people to ride along for a fee?

Unlike other on-​​demand plane ser­vices, it’s not very expen­sive, either. Fly­tenow lists one flight from the Hanscom Air­field near Boston to Martha’s Vine­yard for just about $100. Sure, you could prob­ably find a ticket on a com­mer­cial air­liner for about that much, but then you wouldn’t be flying in a pri­vate plane, would you?

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