Housing is more expen­sive in greater Boston than just about any­where else in the country.

Here’s how tough it is for fam­i­lies: Half of them who rent in this city pay almost a third of their pay­checks to their land­lords. A quarter of them pay more than half. As a former can­di­date for mayor of New York said, “The rent is too damn high.” It’s true in the Big Apple, and it’s true here in Boston.

And because of those high rents, investors are buying up houses — pushing up their prices well above what working fam­i­lies can afford. The result: working fam­i­lies in an around Boston are being priced out of the region.


Barry Blue­stone, director of the Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy at North­eastern University.

Mike Ross, city coun­cilman and former may­oral candidate.

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