A col­lec­tion of type­writers for­merly owned by some of the most iconic fig­ures of the 20th cen­tury is on dis­play now at North­eastern University’sGallery 360.

The “Celebrity Type” exhibit, which marks the collection’s East Coast debut, fea­tures names as famous as Ernest Hem­ingway and as infa­mous as Theodore Kaczynski.

Col­lector Steven Sobo­roff says he has one guide­line for whose type­writer he pursues. ”It’s got to be someone who knocks your socks off,” he told News@Northeastern.

Soboroff’s first type­writer, acquired in 2004, used to belong to Pulitzer Prize-​​winning sports jour­nalist Jim Murray.

I love people who are the best at what they do,” Sobo­roff told the L.A. Times. “The idea that geniuses sat there and accom­plished what they accom­plished on these type­writers … it gives me chills.”


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