A variety of vehi­cles, where and when they need them, and at afford­able rates — that’s the bottom-​​line for car-​​sharing cus­tomers, according to inde­pen­dent research con­ducted by North­eastern University’s Fleura Bardhi and Suf­folk University’s Giana M. Eck­hardt: “Access Based Con­sump­tion: The Case for Car Sharing.”

According to Sci​enceDaily​.com, the researchers dis­cov­ered that their “study chal­lenges the roman­ti­cized view of access under­stood as a form of col­lab­o­ra­tive con­sump­tion and altru­is­ti­cally moti­vated.” More­over, the study con­firmed that afford­ability and con­ve­nience are the pri­mary fac­tors dri­ving con­sumers’ par­tic­i­pa­tion in car-​​sharing pro­grams. It also revealed that clean, well-​​maintained vehi­cles — and access to new and dif­ferent models — are crit­ical issues for car-​​sharing customers.


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