Col­lege grad­u­ates strug­gling to repay their stu­dent loans should have an easier time get­ting their debt elim­i­nated if they go into bank­ruptcy, Sen. Eliz­a­beth Warren (D-​​Mass.) said Saturday.

Warren laid out sev­eral reforms to address the rising costs of higher edu­ca­tion in a speech at the Edu­ca­tion Writers Association’s Con­fer­ence on Higher Edu­ca­tion, held at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity. She spoke of the dif­fi­culty a growing number of grad­u­ates have repaying their debt and advo­cated for better finan­cial sup­port for public colleges.

She also called for the reversal of reforms enacted in the past three decades that have made dis­charging edu­ca­tion debt prac­ti­cally impos­sible, except in extreme cir­cum­stances. She declined to offer a spe­cific pro­posal to address the issue when asked by The Huff­in­gton Post, but sug­gested there were steps Con­gress could take.

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