It’s Mass­a­chu­setts’ ver­sion of the fed­eral tax debate that bit­terly divided Con­gress: Will tax increases of the kind recently pro­posed by Gov­ernor Deval Patrick help or hurt the local economy?

And much like the fed­eral debate, econ­o­mists dis­agree. Some sup­port the governor’s plan, lauding it for cre­ating jobs and making the state more attrac­tive to busi­nesses, while others object to raising taxes on the heels of fed­eral tax increases.

I think it’s really pos­i­tive in terms of the impact it will have,” North­eastern Uni­ver­sity econ­o­mist Alan Clayton-​​Matthews said of Patrick’s pro­posal, citing the ben­e­fits of a better-​​educated workforce.

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