The state economy, despite per­forming well com­pared to the rest of the country, has begun to stall due to fed­eral tax and budget poli­cies, a group of local econ­o­mists said yesterday.

The Mass­Bench­marks Edi­to­rial Board, made up of econ­o­mists from around the state, said in a state­ment released yes­terday that the state’s eco­nomic growth has slowed and if the fed­eral poli­cies put in place in Jan­uary remain, that slow growth is expected to continue.

Citing fed­eral poli­cies such as tax increases and seques­tra­tion, the board said the prob­lems are not reflected in some often-​​cited eco­nomic indi­ca­tors, such as the unem­ploy­ment rate.

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