It’s not often that an entre­pre­neur strikes gold twice in a life­time. In this case, the gold was an appear­ance on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” a show that fea­tures busi­ness owners com­peting for invest­ments from suc­cessful entrepreneurs.

Entre­pre­neur Rebecca Rescate, a 2002 North­eastern Uni­ver­sity grad­uate, was the first con­tes­tant in four sea­sons to appear twice on the show.
Rescate’s route from stu­dent to inventor of CitiKitty, a cat toilet-​​training kit, was more a matter of neces­sity than choice, she said. She couldn’t pic­ture her­self working for someone else. Although she learned busi­ness skills in her first post-​​graduate job at a New York City soft­ware com­pany, she was “bored to tears,” she said.

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