Jack Levin, a crim­i­nol­o­gist who is co-​​director of the Brud­nick Center on Vio­lence and Con­flict at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, said it was likely that Mr. Moody pos­sessed a common trait among killers.

Serial killers often attempt to jus­tify their killing sprees, and they usu­ally do it by dehu­man­izing their vic­tims,” Dr. Levin said.

But the case in South Car­olina is oth­er­wise odd, he said.

It’s very unusual that someone would set out to kill large num­bers of sex offenders.”

Mr. Moody is not the first person accused of tar­geting sex offenders. As recently as last month, a Cal­i­fornia jury con­victed a 36-​​year-​​old man of killing a neighbor who was a sex offender, and a Wash­ington State man was sen­tenced in 2012 to life in prison for a pair of sim­ilar killings.

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