With only a few weeks remaining until the elec­tion, it’s still not clear how Mitt Romney would manage our jobs crisis. There aren’t many lessons from his term as the gov­ernor of Mass­a­chu­setts — the economy was com­par­a­tively healthy back then, and the unem­ploy­ment rate was fairly low. His cur­rent eco­nomic plat­form lays out broad prin­ci­ples (Prin­ciple No. 1: Don’t be Barack Obama) but is light on specifics. All that’s cer­tain is that Romney has promised to use decades of busi­ness savvy to create jobs, which raises the ques­tion: how do you apply busi­ness strategy to a jobs crisis? No busi­ness views hiring as an objec­tive. When a crisis hits, the response of many exec­u­tives is to let workers go.

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