Mis­sion 31 has all the mak­ings of a hit series.

It has a dra­matic set­ting: an undersea research lab. It’s got star power: Jacques Cousteau’s grandson Fabien. And it has an intriguing premise: Half a dozen people will live and work together in that school bus-​​sized lab for 31 days, while exploring the ocean deep. There’s even a char­acter nick­named Otter.

Sound like a fish story? Viewers can tune in to watch the expe­di­tion unfold live online starting Sunday, when Mis­sion 31 is set to launch. Fabien Cousteau and his fellow aqua­nauts will dive to Aquarius Reef Base, an undersea lab 63 feet down in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanc­tuary. For the next month, they’ll con­duct sci­en­tific research on the marine life and themselves.

Cousteau’s undersea-​​living expe­di­tion is sim­ilar to one his famous grand­fa­ther under­took in 1963, but this one is going deeper and one day longer.

The reality is that we’ve explored less than 5 per­cent of our ocean to date,” Cousteau said in an ear­lier inter­view with CNET. So there are still a lot of sto­ries to tell, and dis­cov­eries and adven­tures to be had, he said. “In essence we’re hoping to con­tinue on where my grand­fa­ther left off.”

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