SCIENTISTS in the Cap­ital are raising funds to create robots capable of repairing endan­gered coral reefs unreach­able by deep sea divers.

The experts at Heriot-​​Watt Uni­ver­sity have teamed up with a Marine Sys­tems Engi­neering Lab­o­ra­tory at North­eastern University’s Marine Sci­ence Centre in Mass­a­chu­setts and a coral “nursery” in Belize to create the “Coral­bots”, which will use spe­cial arms to repair dam­aged 
under­water ecosystems.

David Crone, a pro­fessor of com­puter sci­ence at Heriot-​​Watt Uni­ver­sity, said: “In Sep­tember last year we had an event called The Heriot-​​Watt Cru­cible, which was seeking to bring experts in dif­ferent dis­ci­plines together to see what they could learn from each other. The pro­posal for this col­lab­o­ra­tion between marine biol­o­gists and 
robotics experts to pre­serve and repair coral reefs was one of the win­ning ideas.”

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