There is plenty of prece­dent for enter­tainers making a suc­cessful tran­si­tion into pol­i­tics, and in recent years Ashley Judd has been grad­u­ally reori­enting her­self in that direction.

A recent grad­uate of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Gov­ern­ment, she is an intel­li­gent and pas­sionate woman who does not shy away from the issues she believes in. A Judd for Senate cam­paign would spark intense media interest, not just in Ken­tucky but nation­ally. And it would be par­tic­u­larly intriguing to see her share a debate stage with the charisma-​​challenged Mitch McConnell.

The fun­da­mental ques­tion for Ashley Judd as she weighs this deci­sion is whether she is suf­fi­ciently in tune with the voters of Ken­tucky to win elec­tion — a dif­fi­cult hurdle to clear, but not impossible.

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