Unless they plan to go directly to grad­uate school, recent grad­u­ates need more expo­sure to the real world of work, short-​​term oppor­tu­ni­ties to exer­cise their knowl­edge and tal­ents and explore their inter­ests before going on the job market. Some get that through intern­ships or attend the few col­leges, such as North­eastern Uni­ver­sity or Drexel Uni­ver­sity, where cooperative-​​education pro­grams place stu­dents in jobs as part of the formal cur­riculum. But more col­leges need to create addi­tional path­ways to the work­place, mod­eled on appren­tice­ships or pro­grams like Teach for America, the National Col­lege Advising Corps, and Ven­ture for America, which place recent col­lege grad­u­ates in schools or start-​​ups for a couple of years as a bridge to a career.


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