The fierce debate about the future of higher edu­ca­tion in America has clar­i­fied some issues even as it has polar­ized national thinking on the ques­tion. While most people agree that cur­rent models need rethinking, few have answered where we would be without a vibrant, mul­ti­fac­eted higher-​​education sector. Two points are crit­ical to this dis­cus­sion: stim­u­lating informed and open con­ver­sa­tions between the higher-​​education com­mu­nity and future employers in busi­ness and the non­profit com­mu­nity, and acknowl­edging that higher edu­ca­tion fails in its mis­sion if it trains grad­u­ates only for their first post­col­lege job.

Our mis­sion also includes training grad­u­ates for their future as mature and rea­soning cit­i­zens, able to under­stand their lives, work, and inter­ests, as well as the needs of their com­mu­ni­ties, their nation, and the larger world.

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