Research from Boston’s North­eastern Uni­ver­sity sug­gests that shut­ting down known pirate domains is not an effec­tive method for curbing illegal file sharing. Instead, copy­right owners should focus their efforts on blocking a site’s ability to process pay­ments from a credit card com­pany or PayPal or simply by offering legit­i­mate ser­vices that are more attrac­tive than pirating copy­righted media.

The researchers mon­i­tored thou­sands of pop­ular copy­righted files span­ning mul­tiple ser­vices in an effort to find the most effec­tive method to combat piracy. They noted that blocking sites or sending DMCA take­down notices has a very short-​​term effect and are essen­tially a drop in the bucket.

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