Employees who are not enthu­si­astic about their work can be a big problem for man­agers. These employees are not only less pro­duc­tive, but their lack of moti­va­tion for tasks can also affect the morale of the rest of the team, say human resources experts.

Here are some tips for man­agers to keep their employees moti­vated at work: 

Con­sult: “Why are owners [of busi­nesses] always moti­vated?” asked Leonard Glick, busi­ness pro­fessor at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Because it’s their com­pany so they care about making it a suc­cess, according to Mr. Glick.

Man­agers should try to instill a sim­ilar sense of own­er­ship among employees, so that they care enough to make it a suc­cess, the pro­fessor added.

One of the ways to do this is by explaining to employees how their work impacts the busi­ness. When new employees join, they should be told not only what their job is, but how it fits into what the com­pany does.

Mr. Glick says man­agers don’t realize that employees are some­times clue­less about the company’s direc­tion, or why they are working on a par­tic­ular project.

He advises man­agers to take time to have peri­odic meet­ings with their team to share any changes taking place in the com­pany and to help them under­stand the busi­ness in the bigger picture.

This in turn will help to make the com­pany more cohesive.

Employees can have valu­able per­spec­tives on the project they are working on or other strategy deci­sions, and con­sulting them shows staff that their opin­ions matter. 

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