When a for­eign com­pany acquires a domestic firm, it often leads to out­cries of indig­na­tion, nos­talgia (€œanother of our once great com­pa­nies in for­eign hands€), and calls for leg­is­la­tion to pre­vent any more for­eign poaching. Politi­cians and union leaders pro­claim that the for­eign owners may not be ded­i­cated to keep up invest­ment in the sub­sidiary, and that the take-​​over threatens national jobs and other eco­nomic inter­ests. €œMost gov­ern­ments are reluc­tant to see their cor­po­rate trea­sures fall into for­eign hands€, the BBC wrote in an article devoted to the topic.

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