Can a fleet of undersea robots designed in Mass­a­chu­setts help solve the mys­tery of Malaysia Air­lines Flight 370?

They’ve done this kind of thing before. In 2011, robot subs from the Woods Hole Oceano­graphic Insti­tu­tion tracked down the remains of an Air France plane that had crashed into the Atlantic Ocean two years earlier.

Now, the Navy is sending a robot built by Bluefin Robotics Inc. in Quincy to Aus­tralia, in the latest effort to track the Malaysian jet.

The undersea sal­vage com­pany Phoenix Inter­na­tional will operate the robot, according to a report from the US Naval Institute’s USNI News website.

On Monday, British inves­ti­ga­tors con­cluded Flight 370 had crashed some­where in the southern Indian Ocean. That nar­rows the search area, but not nearly enough. One spe­cialist said the searchers would have to be within 100 miles of the wreckage to have a rea­son­able chance of success.

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