Joseph M. Giglio

Pro­fessor of strategic man­age­ment, North­eastern University

America is stuck in the worst eco­nomic crisis since the Great Depres­sion. Unem­ploy­ment remains stub­bornly high. Yet we are told that there are an esti­mated 3 mil­lion jobs avail­able such as elec­tri­cians, man­u­fac­turing workers, mechanics, machine oper­a­tors, soft­ware devel­opers, engi­neers, nurses, truck dri­vers, etc. We are told that these jobs are vacant because too many Amer­i­cans don’t have the skills for such positions.

One sug­ges­tion to help solve the shortage of workers with tech­nical skills that busi­ness claims to need, is to out­source the training of workers to the mil­i­tary. The armed forces have infused tech­nology into nearly every aspect of their oper­a­tions. They have the resources and capa­bil­i­ties to train people who would be paid as gov­ern­ment employees to bring employ­ment back to pre-​​recession levels and pre­pare workers for 21st cen­tury pri­vate sector jobs.”

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