One by one, the court clerk read aloud the ver­dicts on the mul­ti­tude of charges against the former Boston mob boss, James Joseph Bulger, Jr. As expected, the 83-​​year-​​old defen­dant was found guilty of murderextor­tionrack­e­teeringmoney laun­deringdrug traf­ficking and var­ious weapons vio­la­tions.

For us here in Mass­a­chu­setts, it will cer­tainly be a relief to have this pro­tracted saga over and done. No more news reports about pos­sible sight­ings of the long-​​time fugi­tive. No more police motor­cades and heli­copter escorts trans­porting Bulger from his local holding cell to court or some med­ical appoint­ment. No more satel­lite trucks parked out­side the fed­eral cour­t­house solic­iting opin­ions from experts and ordi­nary spec­ta­tors alike about the noto­rious defen­dant. No more spe­cial treat­ment afforded this espe­cially unde­serving man.

Many folks locally were dis­ap­pointed that the Bulger trial was not tele­vised. Although some may have been denied the cathartic plea­sure of closely watching the court pro­ceed­ings, such minute-​​by-​​minute live cov­erage would only have broad­ened Bulger’s stage. His profanity-​​laced out­bursts toward wit­nesses and the bench could then have been heard around the world, not just inside the con­fines of the courtroom.

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