Rebecca Riccio tried to keep her expec­ta­tions low.

Yes, the first mas­sive open online course — or MOOC –on phil­an­thropy that she’s teaching had the backing of bil­lion­aire Warren Buf­fett and his sister, Doris.

But it was a four-​​week, no-​​college-​​credit course offered during the height of summer, mid-​​July through mid-​​August. Absolutely the worst time to try to draw a crowd for hit­ting the prover­bial books.

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I would have been happy if we got 1,000 stu­dents,” said Riccio, founding pro­gram director of North­eastern University’s Students4Giving pro­gram, in an inter­view. “Instead, we got 10,000 stu­dents, from 70 coun­tries and all over the U.S., including California.”

Doris Buf­fett has pledged to give away more than $100,000 over time to the course through her Learning by Giving Foundation.

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