Wednesday morning’s Green Line fire wasn’t just an incon­ve­nience for MBTA riders — it was also an oppor­tu­nity for Mass. Gov­ernor Deval Patrick to make a point about his new budget.

The budget includes more than $1 bil­lion in new trans­porta­tion spending, some of which would be used to upgrade the anti­quated MBTA system.

The Governor’s trans­porta­tion plan comes at an average cost of $1 bil­lion more a year in taxes and fees. It includes big-​​ticket projects, such as a $1.8 bil­lion com­muter rail exten­sion to Fall River and New Bed­ford known as the South Coast Rail.

James Ster­gios and Stephanie Pol­lack have been combing through the Governor’s trans­porta­tion plan with pro­fes­sional eyes.

Ster­gios is the exec­u­tive director of the Pio­neer Insti­tute, and Pol­lack is the asso­ciate director at the Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, which is part of the Trans­porta­tion for Mass­a­chu­setts Coalition.

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