Much hangs in the bal­ance in Red Sox Nation. Roger Abrams, former Major League Base­ball salary arbi­trator and cur­rent North­eastern Law Pro­fessor, joined us on the line from spring training in Florida.

What do you think of women com­peting in tra­di­tion­ally “male” sports?

North Andover High School stu­dent Danielle Coughlin made national head­lines when she became the first girl to win a state title in wrestling last week. Jim and Margery spoke with Coughlin and her coach, Carl Cin­cotta, before turning to two sports experts: Dan Lebowitz, the director of Sport in Society at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, and Shira Springer, the sports enter­prise and inves­tiga­tive reporter for The Boston Globe.


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