Written by former MA Public Health Com­mis­sioner John Auer­bach, an ardent advo­cate for the cre­ation of the Trust, it describes the broad coali­tion of folks who came together starting in 2011 to push for the Trust’s cre­ation, and describes the polit­ical process involved in set­ting it up. In con­nec­tion with the report’s release, RWJF also posted today an infor­ma­tive inter­view with Auer­bach and Cheryl Bartlett, his suc­cessor as DPH Commissioner:

NPH: Was there a model for the Trust fund?

Auer­bach: I would say it was an inno­v­a­tive idea, how­ever, there were exam­ples of efforts that were helpful in coming up with the model. The Afford­able Care Act’s Public Health and Pre­ven­tion Trust, for example, allo­cated hun­dreds of mil­lions of dol­lars to com­mu­nity trans­for­ma­tion grants.

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