We’ve reported a lot on Boston’s health rank­ings. We were ranked the second fittest city in the U.S. by Forbes and Mass­a­chu­setts was ranked the second fittest state by the same pub­li­ca­tion. United Health Foun­da­tion ranked Mass. fourth in the nation for overall health last year, and Map­My­Fit­ness ranked Mass. the second fittest state in the country last year. And we have the second lowest obe­sity rate in the nation according to Gallup. But here at Hub Health we were starting to get an “always a brides­maid” men­tality. When are we going to be number one? Well, grab your bou­quets because we are finally a blushing bride.

Boston was ranked the health­iest city in America by Nerd­Wallet, a com­pany that spe­cial­izes in online tools to save you money. OK, so Nerd­Wallet is not Forbes, but it still counts, right? Nerd­Wallet used a few dif­ferent methods to get their data. They say that they sifted through the fifty largest metro areas to find the ones with the best indi­ca­tors of health, including health scores for the res­i­dents, health insur­ance cov­erage, a high preva­lence of doc­tors, and clean air.

This is why we won, according to NerdWallet:

Health insur­ance cov­erage in the city is excel­lent, largely due to Rom­n­ey­care, which requires that each res­i­dent obtain health insur­ance and pro­vides free health insur­ance to low-​​income indi­vid­uals.  There are a whop­ping 591 physi­cians per 100,000 res­i­dents in the city, and pro­grams like the federally-​​funded Boston Healthy Start Ini­tia­tive and North­eastern University’s Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures pro­gram, which sup­ports health-​​promoting envi­ron­ments for young chil­dren to pre­vent early child­hood obe­sity, show the city’s com­mit­ment to health.

So rejoice, Bosto­nians, we finally won. Are you paying atten­tion Forbes?

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