The payoff to the would-​​be ter­ror­ists is the most dis­rup­tion you can get,” says Stephen Flynn, who directs North­eastern University’s George J. Kostas Research Insti­tute for Home­land Secu­rity. “So on the one hand, you’re trying to obvi­ously safe­guard life and prop­erty. On the other, you want to make sure that you’re not cre­ating, essen­tially, future moti­va­tion for follow-​​on attacks to take place because [of] the pos­si­bility [that] if you carry out one of these hor­rific acts, you can shut down a major city.”

Flynn says he also believes offi­cials made the right call given the cir­cum­stances, noting there is no rule book for dealing with armed indi­vid­uals who may be car­rying explosives.

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