• Create more appren­tice­ships and co-​​op pro­grams. Ensti­tute is rein­venting appren­tice­ships for the 21st cen­tury. Also North­eastern University’s co-​​op pro­gram allows stu­dents to gain up to 18 months of real-​​world work expe­ri­ence while still in col­lege. Pro­grams and uni­ver­si­ties that empower stu­dents to com­bine “learning by doing” models make school expe­ri­ences real and rel­e­vant. Favorite com­mit­ments: “I will invite our elders (seniors) into the class­room expe­ri­ence and ask for their sup­port and wisdom.” and… “I will not accept “I never learned how to do that” from my interns.”


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