As thou­sands of Boston-​​area col­lege stu­dents return to town for the spring semester, uni­ver­sity offi­cials are taking pre­ven­tive mea­sures to avoid fur­ther out­breaks of influenza. Some insti­tu­tions, including the Mass­a­chu­setts Insti­tute of Tech­nology, North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, Sim­mons Col­lege, Tufts Uni­ver­sity, and Wellesley Col­lege, are offering free flu vac­ci­na­tions to stu­dents. At a few of these schools stu­dents do not even need an appoint­ment; they can walk into health ser­vices at any time.

Mark Dou­glass, an asso­ciate clin­ical pro­fessor of phar­macy at North­eastern, where the spring semester started Jan. 7, said the uni­ver­sity saw high num­bers of stu­dents get­ting vac­ci­nated last week.

The Uni­ver­sity Health and Coun­seling Ser­vices reported that approx­i­mately 250 stu­dents went to the office Thursday for flu shots, Dou­glass said. Typ­i­cally there are only about 20 stu­dents per day who go in for the vaccination.

People are just heeding the warn­ings,” he said.


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