North­eastern University’s Dukakis Center has said the state needs to double or triple its rate of housing con­struc­tion in order to meet coming demand. The Patrick admin­is­tra­tion believes the state needs 10,000 new apart­ments and con­do­miniums per year over the next decade just to have a housing market that func­tions nor­mally. Mass­a­chu­setts has only hit that level of home con­struc­tion a few times over the past two decades. Boston Mayor Tom Menino recently out­lined a plan to add 30,000 new housing units to Boston by 2020; as big as that number sounds, it still means that 70 per­cent of the state’s new homes will have to come from some­where out­side Boston. Much of the remainder will have to come from places like Lowell, Quincy, and Malden.


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