Before Aaron Her­nandez ended up in his jail, Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson was not par­tic­u­larly aware of TMZ. Leaning against the wall of what, until recently, had been the former Patriot’s cell, the 60-​​year-​​old sheriff says, “I do know it now.” The celebrity gossip site has all but had Hodgson on speed dial since Hernandez’s arrest in June. It works like this: Some TMZ reporter calls and asks a ques­tion like, Can Aaron Her­nandez watch Patriots games? Hodgson answers, and then the site cranks out a story, com­plete with a quote from the sheriff and a big ol’ headline—“AARON HERNANDEZ BLOCKED FROM WATCHING NFL IN JAIL”—that zings all across the Internet. TMZ has also reported that Her­nandez did not get cake on his birthday and, in case you were won­dering, is not allowed to receive porn (though he has appar­ently been sent much of the home­made variety).

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