It’s not as though there hadn’t been hat tricks in a Beanpot before, but few if any were like this one. Freshman Kevin Roy scored three goals against Boston Uni­ver­sity in last week’s opener from a total dis­tance of maybe 20 feet, bat­ting in the second and third periods as if waving a wand.

He’s always been able to do that,” tes­ti­fied brother Derick Roy, his North­eastern team­mate who has wit­nessed Kevin’s magic tricks since they were playing in the base­ment as kids.

The dif­fer­ence this time was that the younger sib­ling put on his sleight-​​of-​​hand show in his TD Garden debut against a Ter­rier team that had beaten the Huskies in 15 straight Beanpot games since 1988, and he put NU in a posi­tion to win the silver oven­ware for the first time in a quarter-​​century.

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