Physi­cist Albert-​​László Barabási’s net­work theory merges with a fun­da­mental need of researchers and clinicians.

Since the map­ping of the human genome, the amount and struc­ture of the data we’re get­ting means we have to think dif­fer­ently about bio­log­ical sys­tems and dis­ease pathologies.

Enter the human dis­ea­some. This is all the dis­eases of an indi­vidual or group, viewed as a whole, with spe­cial focus on genetic features.

Like its cousins genome, pro­teome and metabolome, the dis­ea­some (dis­ease + ome) is a totality, a whole field of study and a new approach. And like 17th-​​century explorers cir­cum­nav­i­gating the globe, we have only a par­tial map, which we revise as we sail.

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