The Squid Shirt that we checked out ear­lier today at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity cer­tainly has the poten­tial for health­care use beyond straight off-​​season workout ses­sions, but the ATLAS project is an even purer expres­sion of that appli­ca­tion. The name is an acronym for the rather unwieldy Angle Tracking and Loca­tion At home System. In short, the system is a bimanual-​​rehabilitation glove system, a tracking device that uti­lizes two gloves to mon­itor the hand move­ments of stroke vic­tims. The “Home System,” part of the name, mean­while, sig­ni­fies its cre­ators’ inten­tion to even­tu­ally release the ATLAS as an at-​​home testing system, allowing users to get more reg­ular read­ings than indus­trial versions.

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