Although teen employ­ment num­bers have been falling since 2000, the job market for those ages 16 to 19 looks bleaker than ever this year, par­tic­u­larly for teenagers from low-​​income families.

We are truly in a labor market depres­sion for teens,” said Andrew Sum, director of the Center for Labor Market Studies at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity. “More than others, teens are fre­quently off the radar screens of the nation’s and states’ eco­nomic policy makers.”

As teens don’t file unem­ploy­ment, it can be dif­fi­cult for pol­i­cy­makers to assess the sit­u­a­tion at any given time. The pic­ture only came together for North­eastern Uni­ver­sity researchers after an analysis of Census Bureau data over a period span­ning sev­eral decades.



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