Random shooting of strangers in public spaces by a lone gunman might dom­i­nate the head­lines, but, (anti-​​gun-​​control lobby in the USA please note) other kinds of mass killing are actu­ally more common. Dis­af­fected employees who return to shoot the boss and co-​​workers after being sacked, alien­ated hus­bands who slay entire fam­i­lies before turning the gun on them­selves, rob­bers who wipe out wit­nesses, and racists who target immi­grants, are all more fre­quent statistically.

James Alan Fox, a Pro­fessor of Crim­inal Jus­tice, and Jack Levin, Pro­fessor of Soci­ology & Crim­i­nology, both at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, Boston came up with one of the most defin­i­tive typolo­gies of the phenomenon.



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