Employers never men­tion poly­no­mial fac­toring. But what about the higher level math required by the Common Core? Con­sider algebra II, the study of log­a­rithms, poly­no­mial func­tions and qua­dratic equa­tions. Many states want to make algebra II a require­ment for grad­u­ating high school. Yet, a stun­ning finding pro­duced by North­eastern Uni­ver­sity soci­ol­o­gist Michael Handel (cited in a recent Atlantic blog) indi­cates that only 9 per­cent of the work force ever use this knowl­edge, and less than 20 per­cent of man­age­rial, pro­fes­sional, or tech­nical workers report using any algebra II material.


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