Although there are cur­rently said to be more than 14 bil­lion pages on the Internet, a new study shows that nav­i­ga­tion between any two of these pages should take you no more than 19 clicks — that’s how inter­re­lated every­thing is. The study was pub­lished in Philo­soph­ical Trans­ac­tions of the Royal Society and con­ducted by Albert-​​Laszlo Barabasi of North­eastern University’s Center for Com­plex Net­work Research in Boston.

Barabasi, a leader in net­work research, says that the 19 clicks of sep­a­ra­tion have to do with human nature, according to Smith­sonian mag­a­zine. It works because Internet pages are orga­nized in an inter­con­nected hier­archy of orga­ni­za­tional themes, including region, country and sub­ject area.

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