If you are per­forming “The Star-​​Spangled Banner’’ at a public event, think twice before using it as dance music or as part of a medley. Devi­a­tion from the script can mean a $100 fine.

Think twice, too, about cursing at sporting events. A pro­hi­bi­tion took effect in 1963, when both Red Sox and Patriots fans had little reason to cheer. And steer clear of more serious ­offenses, such as joining a sub­ver­sive orga­ni­za­tion, com­mit­ting blas­phemy, or having con­sen­sual sex with another adult out­side mar­riage. All could land you in prison.

Such obscure Mass­a­chu­setts laws and the fact that they are still on the books, often pro­voke humor. But to some, out­moded statutes are no laughing matter.

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